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The Wharf Nursery School

Nursery closed on Friday 14th January

Unfortunately a number of children and staff have been affected by a sickness and diarrhoea outbreak in the nursery.

With reluctance, in consultation with Public Health, the Local Education Office and our governing body, we have taken the difficult decision that we will need to close the nursery on Friday 14th January, as we have insufficient staff to operate safely. We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause many of you, but ask for your understanding as our primary concern must be the safety and wellbeing of our children.

The staff who are well will be on-site tomorrow to continue our ongoing cleaning efforts and a further deep clean will be conducted by the cleaning contractors over the weekend. We therefore hope that we will be able to open on Monday as planned.

We have been advised that anyone who remains unwell with symptoms after 72 hours, or anyone with a recurrence of symptoms after a period of being symptom free should consult their GP as they may need to have a stool sample taken. Everyone who has suffered from sickness and diarrhoea should remain absent from school for a minimum of 48 hours after they last suffered any symptoms, but in addition Public Health's advice is that parents keep children at home if they are showing any signs of being under the weather.

We are very grateful for your continued support and understanding in helping us ensure we can get everyone fit and well as soon as possible.