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The Wharf Nursery School

Actions taken to reduce risk of COVID-19 at our school

Government guidelines will be followed at all times, with a focus on keeping children, staff and families safe. The list below is not exhaustive and subject to change. A parent or carer should  contact the school office for further clarification, if required.

Summer 2020

  1. Small groups (‘Bubbles’) of up to 8 children will work in one area and not interact with other ‘Bubbles’.
  2. Two adults will work with each group and they will not mix. If one member of staff is off sick (not COVID-related), the children will be onsite for a shorter length of time with their other adult.
  3. In the event of COVID-related sickness, government guidelines will be followed.
  4. Soft furnishings/toys and hard to clean equipment will not be used.
  5. Rigorous cleaning procedures will be in place, which includes regular cleaning throughout the day and a thorough clean at the end of each day (including all areas that may have been touched). 
  6. Children will be supported to follow hand washing and respiratory hygiene procedures. Hand sanitiser and ‘tissue’ stations will be easily accessible.
  7. All toilets will been cleaned after use.
  8. Visitors will not be allowed on site, except in exceptional circumstances.
  9. Parents will drop off their children by the office or side-entrance.
  10. Staggered start and finish times will be in place.
  11. Children will bring their own drinks, snacks and lunch.
  12. Children will bring their own coats, wellies, sunhats etc. and parents will be asked to put on sun cream before their child arrives. In the event of a child needing to borrow an item of clothing, it will be washed and stored after use.
  13. Staff will limit their interaction with other adults on site.
  14. Staff may wear PPE as appropriate.

Safeguarding procedures will be followed at all times.

Autumn 2020

The easing of lockdown will bring changes to procedures from September, but some COVID-safe measures will remain in place and normal settling-in procedures adapted.

  1. There will be no home visits or initial play visit. Staff will make contact with parents over the phone before their first session.
  2. Parents should stay with their child during the first couple of visits, but will be asked to wear a mask (staff will wear masks or visors at these times).
  3. Children will have a staggered start which may take place over 4-5 weeks. Start and finish times will also be staggered to limit the number of adults on site.
  4. Visitors will not be allowed onsite, except in exceptional circumstances
  5. Year groups will not be mixed initially (for first 3 weeks approx.).
  6. Staff may wear PPE as appropriate.
  7. Soft furnishings will not be used and children should not bring their own toys on-site.
  8. Hot lunches will resume, but strict hygiene rules will be followed.
  9. Adults will practice social distancing whenever possible.
  10. Parents/carers should leave as soon as they can, but we recognise that young children may need their parent’s support when they first start. This can be discussed with staff during the initial conversation.
  11. Parents / carers should limit their time onsite and wait outside if necessary
  12. No buggies inside
  13. Only one adult should bring a child and alternative arrangements should be made for siblings where possible.

These changes will be reviewed on a half-termly basis and when restrictions are lifted in the community, we will follow the guidance of the government.

Safeguarding procedures will be followed at all times.