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The Wharf Nursery School

Values and Ethos

Smile ~ Play ~ Learn

British Values

The teaching of British Values is an integral part of our ethos. All members of our community are respected, valued and given opportunities to express themselves.   

There are 4 key threads that we promote to ensure the children have a variety of experiences and opportunities which will prepare them for future life in Modern Britain, these are:-

  • Democracy: children having views, valuing each other, talking about feelings, turn taking, sharing, working together and developing enquiring minds
  • Rule of law: managing feelings and behaviour, consequences, learning right from wrong, rules
  • Individual liberty:  developing confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, taking risks, talking about differences 
  • Mutual respect and tolerance:  learning about how you want to be treated, similarities/differences (families, faiths, community, culture). 



Children are at the heart of everything we do, and we ensure their voice is heard.



Children: Are happy, healthy & safe, confident, independent, active and resilient learners; have a high self-esteem, are able to self-regulate and challenge themselvesfeel part of the school and wider community and learn to work with others through cooperation and negotiationdevelop positive attitude and become life - long learnersshow respect for themselves, others and the environment.  


Practitioners: Value the culture and background of each child and build good relationships with parents and children; are good listeners and engage in active conversations with children in order to use their knowledge and experience to move each child’s learning forward; are active learners and work to develop their own practice and develop their own strengths and interests further; are good team players and show respect and care for others as well as their own well-being. 


Parents: Contribute to their children’s learning journey and have opportunities to develop their own understanding of their child’s development through discussions, meetings and workshopsare ready to share their own experience and cultural background and feel part of The Wharf community; are partners in their children’s learning and develop trust and a readiness to talk to staff about their concerns; develop their own confidence and self-esteem and feel able to attend workshops, parent conversations and celebrate successes.