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The Wharf Nursery School
and Children's Centre

Parents' comments

"The facilities the Children’s Centre provide for babies and young children are fantastic!  The environment is gorgeous – safe, stimulating and clean.  Our son has become so much more independent due to his experience here.  The staff are welcoming, friendly and professional.  Thank you!"
"So many fantastic ideas and great resources.  We really love coming and it is good to get our daughter used to coming to the groups as a step to going to nursery on her own."
"I go to the Toy Library at the Centre.  Brilliant atmosphere, brilliant staff and a great place to bring my baby (8 months) to meet other friends."
"My children have always loved coming to the groups, enjoying all the activities especially messy play which they would not normally get the opportunity to do at home."
"The staff are all very friendly, helpful and supportive. They have always been able to point me in the right direction if I’ve needed guidance."
"I have made so many friends since coming here and my children love playing with kids of all ages."

About Play and Learn sessions:

"It has been particularly useful for helping (my child) to learn to share with others.  She loves seeing other children and babbling with them."
"It was such a life-saver after my second child was born. The staff have been such a support for me as a mum of two."
"This group has made our arrival in Godalming so much easier than I ever could have imagined. The support has been amazing."

About Family Fun (in the school holidays):

"We made cakes and did the Hokey Cokey and had a ball!  Thank you for putting on so many exciting activities."
"I have been coming to this group since Alfie was born and we have found and still find it invaluable."