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The Wharf Nursery School

List of our governors

Name of Governor Governor Type Term of Office
Lisa Seeley (Chair) Co-opted 05/07/18 - 04/07/22
Jacky Beale Co-opted 13/07/21 - 12/07/25
Virginia Bawden (Vice-Chair) Co-opted 02/12/21 - 01/12/25
Maria Luff Staff 31/05/19- 30/05/23
Christine Willmott Headteacher From 01/09/13
Ceri Aiken Parent 28/03/19 - 27/03/23
Penny Macland Co-opted 28/03/20 - 27/03/24
Caitlin McStay Co-opted 14/05/20 - 13/05/24
Daniel Heathcote Local Authority 12/02/21 - 11/02/25
Vacancy Parent  
Liz Payne Clerk From 01/09/19

All governors are appointed by the governing body. Click here for their biographies.


Resources Committee: 

Lisa Seeley (Chair)
Virginia Bawden
Chris Willmott 
Daniel Heathcote
Advice from Sally West (Bursar)

Children and Learning Committee:

Jacky Beale (Chair)
Maria Luff
Chris Willmott
Lisa Seeley
Ceri Aiken 
Caitlin McStay                                                                                                                         

Pay Committee:

Chris Willmott
Lisa Seeley (Chair)
Virginia Bawden
Daniel Heathcote
Advice from Sally West (Bursar)