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The Wharf Nursery School

Governors' duties

The governing body is made up of 10 members. Governors are expected to:

  • Ensure that the nursery school is performing to a high standard, that children are making good progress demonstrated through information provided by school data and through the learning opportunities planned for the children, and that the budget is monitored regularly and used to benefit the provision for the children. Operational tasks are undertaken by the headteacher and staff team. Governors take an overall  strategic role.
  • Attend the full governing body meetings (twice a term). In preparation, read and be familiar with the paperwork that is sent before the meetings. Ensure all relevant paperwork is with the clerk within the agreed timelines.
  • Be prepared to contribute to meetings, ask questions and challenge the status quo.
  • Act as a member of one of the committees (Resource or Children & Learning) if requested to by the chair. Attend the meetings held one or twice a term.
  • Be prepared to take on an additional responsibility as a member of the governing body eg. being involved in a special project, or joining a working party. This may involve attending additional meetings or visits to the school.
  • As part of the governors monitoring programme take responsibility for monitoring one area of the School Deveopment Plan (SDP).
  • Make at least one visit each term, linked to your area of responsibility, to the nursery classroom to observe current practice.
  • Undertake regular training, including induction training provide by Strictly Education (on behalf of Surrey County Council) which is compulsory.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding meetings and visits.
  • Understand that all governors are checked through the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) as part of the school’s safeguarding procedures.
  • Understand that all governors must sign a Code of Conduct and that details regarding governors are published on the school’s website. This will include names, roles and attendance at meetings. Full details are highlighted in the Code of Conduct.
  • Be a friend to The Wharf Nursery School and promote it within the local community.

October 2019